03 June 2010

the afterglow

sideshow V was a blast. it was so great to be around so many amazing artists of so many different mediums. one of the absolute BEST parts was meeting people id "met" on facebook but never in person.

for instance, kidtee hello has gotta be one of the least pretentious people ive ever met. she encouraged me to get involved in sideshow in the first place via 2 am facebook chat.
her: hey cherry! have you emailed your sideshow application yet?
me: OH CRAP! is it too late?
her: lol no dear. do it now.
super nice chick. super great photographer. its art, man. if you havent looked at her work yet, you need to get on that.

also got to meet and work with ali marshall. can you say girl crush? jewelry making, wet felting, and hilarity all in one former rollergirl. simply amazing.

every single one of my good friends came out to see the show, if they were able (shelly had her own thing going on). it was hard work, but good fun. the only thing that sucks about such a great thing is the post-show letdown. it was so good i just wanted it to go on forever. already cant wait for next year.