31 October 2012

who's teaching who?

i havent posted since may. im not gonna make any excuses, but if i were...facebook would surely be mentioned. lol

but i digress. let's just post about one thing at a time. today's topic: ART CLASSES FOR KIDS

some time in the spring (i think), a friend of mine asked if i would be interested in teaching kids art at her studio. i love kids. i love art. i love my friend, Tabitha Guidone, AND her studio. sounded like a good match to me. so, along with my regular art shows, painting classes, and commissions, ive been teaching kids art every saturday from 1130a-1p at Decoy Art Studio in Beavercreek, Ohio. (by the way, Decoy has recently opened a boutique at Second Street Market in downtown Dayton.)

anyway...Decoy really means a lot to me. i mean...i *knew* id enjoy teaching art to kids, but i guess i didnt realize how much. these kids are absolutely fantastic. theyre creative, imaginative, hilarious...and they see things WAY differently than adults. they have no preconceived notions and no expectations. they just want to have fun. they make art as gifts. they make art as memories. their art is their hearts.

so in the past six months, these kids...with their bright eyes and sunny smiles...have changed the way i see my own art. every week, i look forward to another project. i get excited about what new kind of thing we're going to explore. i cant wait to see them and to see what i will learn from them.

funny...who's teaching who? lol