11 April 2012

ductapery and other such nonsense

over the winter, my son and 2 of his cousins, plus the son of a close friend all had birthdays at about the same time. that's a lot of birthday presents, people...which equals a LOT of money. i remembered my sister in law saying my nephew wanted a wallet for his birthday. genius procrastinator that i am (think absent-minded professor) decided they ALL would get wallets...and i WOULD MAKE THEM. i had no idea what i was doing. i looked at about  8 bajillion tutorials and i didnt like how any of *those* wallets ended up. thus, my time-saving efforts fell to my artistic nature and i created my own template. so i made 4 wallets out of duct tape. the end. cool story, bro.

...not really...

a few months later, the dayton circus was throwing a fundraiser for sideshow 7(a FREE weekend long art/music festival in dayton) called DAYTON CRAFTY-CON 2012. im not crafty...unless you count in a macgyver kinda way...so i volunteered to be a floater. the end. justkiddingnotreally...

one of my INCREDIBLY crafty friends lissa lush (of lissa lush makes stuff) said, "why arent you vending at crafty-con?" to which i replied, "im not a crafter." to which she threw back, "didnt you make some duct tape wallets a few months ago?" i tried to explain to her that it was a fluke. i had to! i only made 4! im not a crafter! it's a mistake! these arent the droids youre looking for!

fast forward two weeks...im losing sleep. scrambling to put together enough stuff to vend at a craft show. whatwasithinkingnooneisgoingtobuythisineedcoffeeeee!!! i made prints of my paintings. i made magnets of my paintings. and i made EIGHT wallets. nine if you count the one i made there. i sold ALL of them within an hour and the ninth one was sold before i finished it. next thing i know, im making stuff like *this*. it's not exactly painting, but i like it.

i'll be posting in a few days about another project. try not to miss me ;)