19 October 2009


the next show had a comics theme. i was pretty excited about this one and a little less nervous...mostly because im a huge comic geek. i have read popular comics, but really, i like the weird, creepy, underground ones. you could say im more into zombies than superheroes. i was ALL ABOUT this show. then, i found out my friend kyle was going to hang some stuff for it and i got really geeked. you see, kyle is like the master of macabre in my favorite comic genre. i was reading evil ernie comics before i ever even met him (i met him at church). i didnt think it was the same kyle...but hotz isnt a very common name. plus, i always imagined comic artists to be like these cute, little, geeky, buddy-holly-looking types. kyle is at least 6ft and anything but geeky. hes a body builder and a trainer and could probably crush a human skull with one hand. bonus! the other thing that's very unconventional about kyle is that hes nice...even shy (which people sometimes assume is arrogance, but trust me...its shyness), he's a Christian (that draws zombies), and he LOVES his wife and kids. kyle brought eight panels from a comic called criminal macabre.

goad had a capt america, a hulk, and a wonder woman.

i did two from one of my favorite comics, love & rockets

this comic series will probably be my favorite forever. especially anything by jaime hernandez. grr.
i also did a little kissy one.

anyway...it was another great show. i still kinda felt like i was like that little annoying cartoon dog but only on the inside. on the outside i was totally smooth. ;)

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