18 May 2012

Dayton Sideshow 7

last month, i was telling you guys how im now making *these* :

custom duct tape wallet

last week, i took a break from making them (theyre on back order) so i could participate in Dayton Sideshow 7.  Sideshow is a huge community event of music, art, and merriment. 50+ visual artists and 20 musical acts over 2 days. plus, it's free. 

this was Sideshow's seventh year and believe me when i tell you IT. IS. AMAZING. each year (this was my third), we're encouraged to really step up our art game and not display the same old same old. so each year...being a procrastinator...i scramble to paint something totally new, specifically for this show. this year was no exception.

im not sure how it is for other artists, but for me, coming up with an idea is half the battle (cue GI Joe music). a month before the show, i was freaking out about what i was gonna do. i had a few ideas written down but i wasnt really feeling those. finally, with two weeks to go, i decided i should do something. i mean...something is better than nothing, right?!. i sat down to sketch and was totally unhappy with what was coming out of my hands. im sure the stress of only have 2 weeks didnt help. i erased everything and started absentmindedly sketching out my facebook profile picture. as happy as i was with it, i immediately thought, "great. another self portrait. everyone's going to think im in love with myself." then, 8 year old cherry whines, "i need models! i only paint myself because im always here (that's debatable)." quickly following, 38 year old, sarcastic cherry says, "youre painting a profile pic, genius. think about it." thus, the idea of FACEBOOK: A GRAPHIC NOVEL, was born.

my entire sideshow 7 installation
me (detail)

1of 8 friend profile pix (detail)

i really had a lot of fun doing these and im actually thinking about doing a comic starring me and these 8 friends. theyre on 6"x6" framed canvas with acrylic. if youre interested in commissioning one, i'll be selling these for $50.

to see the work of some of my other friends involved in Sideshow, please check out:

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